Check Out Rokstand On Bumper Specialties!

Special thanks to Bumper Specialties Inc for posting about the RokStand! Check us out in their post about products that incorporate their awesome bumper feet:

If you’d like to buy the RokStand, just visit

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RokStand has been reviewed!

The RokStand has been officially reviewed by (Thank you Jonathan Kizer for the excellent review and we hope you enjoy your RokStand!)

Here is a sample of what he had to say… “For the price ($16.99 online, not counting shipping or taxes), you can’t beat this. Similar setups run for at least ten dollars more, and (from experience) don’t provide the same kind of build quality that the Rokstand possesses.”

Want to see the full review yourself? Check it out at

As always, if you wish to purchase the RokStand, you can do so by going to

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Technical Difficulties

Our database is gone! Luckily, the blog is now back online. Remember, you can purchase a RokStand for $16.99 + S&H. Order today!

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