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Evolution of the RokStand™

The idea for the RokStand™ was sparked from a simple need: the need for a functional, efficient iDevice stand. Sure, there is a plethora of charging docks that can be found on the internet but finding a simple stand that was asthetically pleasing, functional, and affordable was very difficult.

Our search persisted to no fruition when finally, the idea occured to us, "Why don't we make our own stand?" Prototype creation began and the race to find the perfect formula of length, height, and design was started. After several prototypes, the RokStand™ was complete. Sporting an opening for your iDevice cable, non-slip bumper pads, and a thick, strong metal frame, the RokStand™ is a perfect balance between art, functionality, and affordability.

Once the design was made, the ROKLOR team needed a name for the stand. Being that iPods are very synonymous with rock and roll music devices, it made sense that the word "rock" should come into play. Plus, the word "rock" is indicative of being solid, which is an adjective that so aptly describes the solid, heavy gauge metal construction of our mobile device stands. Additionally, being that our mobile device were created and designed by the ROKLOR creative team, as a play on the word rock, the "c" was dropped, and hence was born, the RokStand™!